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Travels to Hurghada

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TOP hotels Hurghada See more about EL GOUNA

Royal Lagoons Resort
& Aqua Park 4*


  Popular family hotel with All inclusive


Albatros Aqua Park Resort 4*


 Highly coveted for the whole family


Dana Beach 4*+


 Many regulars with good reason


About Hurghada

Hurghada has gone from the small fishing village to the huge holiday paradise with a large selection of bars, restaurants and a long line of large hotels with All Inclusive along the Red Sea. Here you get lovely long sandy beaches and a wonderful warm climate, as well as the hotels' good facilities. A large part of the time is spent in the hotels, by the pool and the beach. But there are also good opportunities for sightseeing in Hurghada. Places like the ancient port city of El Quseir and the Sha'ab Abu Nuhas Reef are great for divers and snorkeling. Hurghada offers some of the best diving opportunities in the world, here you will find beautiful coral reefs and the beautiful colorful fish below the sea surface. You can also choose to go on an exciting Jeep safari in the Sahara and feel the adrenaline when you get around the dunes or maybe a boat trip to one of the beautiful Red Sea islands. Egypt's history is of course very impressive and it is also possible with day trips from Hurghada to Luxor or Cairo where there are even more options.



Most of the beaches belong to the hotels. The sandy beaches are long and fine, some with a little gravel. Some of the corals stretch towards the beaches, which is why bathing shoes are recommended in several places.



Here there is a large selection of bars and restaurants.


Good to know

We use the following airlines
Hamborg: We fly daily with Condor and Air Cairo

Airport: We only use Hurghada Airport (HRG)
Distance from airport to first hotel: About 30 km
Flight time: About 5 hours 20 min.
Language: Arabic
Population: Approx. 350,000
Currency: Egyptian Pound
Gratuity: 5-10% is usually given
Electricity: 220 volts as in Denmark, but the plugs are often a little thinner, so bring some. an adapter set.
Tourist tax: 3-6% 

Tour guide service

Hurghada is on your own, however we are reachable on phone 24/7

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